Shisha Line

Both turn-key and tailor-made basis shisha processing lines provide innovative, reliable, cost-effective and high-quality products to our global and domestic customers.

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SES - Steam Expended Stem

Novel Stem Expansion System (SES) up laid by Muzer consists of dual zone treatment. Stem is conditioned in first zone by high-rate heat and mass transfer, thereafter jet streams have got high velocity, which creates an ultra vacuum. Fluid molecules exert pressure to stem's cell membrane to enlarge its structure. Muzer "SES" provides enhanced expansion rate in comparison with its equivalents.

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Box Filling Station

Case Handling Line

Cigarette Pack Tobacco Reclaimer (CPTR - 6k)

Market return Cigarette Packs and non-deformed paker rejected packs are cut (6000 packs/h) to separate Tobacco for add-back in Primary and NTRM for waste. Machine is in operation.

World Tobacco Europe 2014 - Dubai

We were in World Tobacco Europe 2014, 01-02 April 2014 Dubai at stand number B11. Many thanks to our visitors!...It was a pleasure to meet you personally, giving us the great opportunity to share and exchange our thoughts and experiences with you all.

World Tobacco Europe 2013 - Germany

We were in World Tobacco Europe 2013, 12-14 November 2013 Hamburg - Germany at stand number E15. Many thanks to our visitors!