Vertical Slicer

Controlled and regular carriage of tobacco bale slices to the DCC-C is provided with the use of vertical slicers. The amount of water, steam and flavor to be used for conditioning are directly proportional with the amount of tobacco. So the best casing and flavoring processes will be achieved under regular flow of tobacco. Regular flow is provided by slicing the bale into 4-6 equal slices with use of vertical slicer. Control panel and user interface of the vertical slicer offer a great ease of use. The MUZER slicer can process up to 10,000 kg/hr. Compact, rigid design PLC controlled easy cutting ability with the use of a touch panel to slice C48 bales and Tonga, a slice amount guarantee of slice thickness. Adjustable speed of input and output conveyors according to the flow of tobacco. Easy replacement of the slicing knives, Safety measures in critical points, ease of maintenance, and Long-term use with the high-quality equipment.